We are working with the University of West of England

We are very pleased to announce that the Science Communication Unit at the University of the West of England will be taking part in this years Bridgwater Science Festival.

The SCU will provide activities from some of their projects, including Science In A Box and a robotics-based activity at the Science Exhibition event at the Town Hall on Saturday 23rd May.

Science In A Box is a project from the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences.  Each box will be based on area of research or teaching at UWE and will provide a suitable hands-on experiment.  These activities can last anything up to 60 minutes and are being developed for school years 6 through to 12. Science In A Box will be running at the Town Hall on Saturday 23rd May and at EDF Visitor Centre (in Angel Place) during the half-term week (Tuesday and Thursday). As well as this, a project in collaboration with Avalon Marshes Landscape Partnership will be on display at EDF Visitor Centre on Wednesday and Friday.

Full details of all our events can be found on our website at http://www.bridgwatersciencefestival.co.uk


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