Change to advertised events at EDF Visitor Centre

There has been a slight change to some of the planned activities at the EDF Visitor Centre on Tuesday and Thursday of the Science Festival.

The Science In A Box activity at EDF Visitor Centre on both Tuesday and Thursday will now no longer feature the Energy From Exercise or the Electrical Conduction of Water activities.

They have been replaced by an activity on Microbiology, as well as the Water Filtration activity as previously planned. These will take place on the hour, alternating between the activities (10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm). The Psychology activity remains drop-in throughout the session.

Unfortunately the Radioactivity event has been cancelled.

The Avalon Marshes activities on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 30th are unaffected, and all of the UWE activities on Saturday 23rd will still be taking place.

University of the West of England activities at the Family Fun Day on Saturday 23rd May:

Centre for Transport & Society (UWE) / Venturer Project – A chance to find out more about how driverless vehicles could change society, and to give your views.

UWE Science Communication Unit – Science In A Box:

Psychology – come and learn how the mind works.

Microbiology – Get to know the bacteria living on you.

Robotics – What is a robot? Play with a toy robot, and a real one (euRathlon project).


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